Do It Yourself Tools Including Wall Plugs And Screws

Are you interested in purchasing an antique looking chair that you found on an online store, even though it is quite costly? Do you know that you can build it yourself with a bit of dedication, a couple of tools, and following instructions on videos on sites like YouTube? Welcome to the world of "do it yourself" enthusiasts. The skills of these individuals will pleasantly surprise you. They employ a wide array of tools including wall plugs and screws for making their projects. Some of the insanely easy and clever DIY projects include: Transferring a photo on a slab of wood; Making a sharpie mug; Floating minimalist wall calendar; Upcycled hanging herb garde;, and much more

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Tools required by DIY aficionados

As a DIY enthusiast, you will require different types of tools, many of which you will find in your home or garage. Some of them, such as making the "sharpie mug" only require a pair of white mugs, a black permanent marker pen, and an oven. As you start moving towards making complicated stuff, you will require costly gadgets such as lathe machines, buffing machines, and grinding machines etc. However, we shall only discuss about the minimalistic tools in this article.

Plugs: If you want to create a project that you will hang on the wall, you will require drilling holes in the walls whose diameter is slightly less than the plugs, and then inserting the plug into it. Once done, you can affix screws on to it. Nylon and plastic plugs are extremely popular nowadays.

Screws: The majority of DIY projects require screws. You can use them for fixing two pieces of wood together, or for mounting a DIY frame on the wall with the help of plugs. You can find screws in different lengths and diameters. It is best to keep a small stock of each of them in your armoury. Remember, they are available in different types and made of different materials. Some are meant for attaching items to drywalls, others are meant for fastening wood. You need a screwdriver for fixing or unfixing screws.

Nails: Although they nearly serve the same purpose as screws, you have to fix them in with a hammer. Nails are also available in a wide range of diameters and lengths. First time DIY enthusiasts should purchase a packaged assortment of screws and nails. This will help them complete any project effortlessly. The different types of nails and screws include outdoor screws, drywall screws, galvanized nails, vinyl sinkers, and finishing nails.

Hammer: What is the use of nails if you cannot hammer them in? Most hammers come with a head in one end to drive in the nails and a claw on the opposite side of the head to pry out nails. Hammers are typically made of iron. It is best to opt for a 16-ounce hammer with a curved claw and a smooth head. Other important tools for the DIY beginner include: Screwdriver, Adjustable wrench, Utility knife, Handsaw, Putty knife Pliers, Tape measure, Duct tape, Flashlight, A toolbox to hold all of the above tools.